(San Jose, CA)– Kelly Yamanishi comes to the sign industry with over 20 years of high-tech marketing experience with a high-profile Silicon Valley corporation. With this experience, she brings an in depth understanding of complex project management, marketing communications, and many types of “corporate speak.” In short, she knows how to help her clients communicate effectively with both business and non-business audiences.

After graduating from the Sign Biz School of Sign Arts in May, Yamanishi officially launched her new sign business, West Mountain Sign, on July 31, 2012 with state of the art digital print and dynamic sign capabilities in-house.

For the Grand Opening celebration, doors were opened to the public from 3pm-6pm, with light refreshments served. The 4pm ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Lisa Gillmor, Vice Mayor of Santa Clara.

Pictured above are Kelly Yamanishi (center) and husband Greg (behind her) with Graphic Designer Scotty Adams (2nd from left) enjoy a perfect ribbon-cutting ceremony with Santa Clarita Vice-Mayor, Lisa Gillmor (right of Kelly) and Steve Van Dorn, Pres/CEO of the Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce (left), surrounded by family, friends and Chamber ambassadors.

Yamanishi adds, “We were originally told the mayor himself would be here, but later found there was a conflict. It was too late to change our grand opening date. As I thought about it, though, the situation actually worked out in our favor, since the Vice Mayor is a woman, and this is the grand opening of a woman-owned business. That’s just fine with me, after all. Girl Power!”

The event was picture perfect, with the ribbon-cutting photo capturing the fall of the ribbon just as the scissors snipped it. “Everything about the business speaks to expert visual communications,” added Teresa M. Young, president of Sign Biz, Inc., founder of the worldwide Sign Biz Network of independently-owned digital sign & graphics businesses.

Everything about the business speaks to expert visual communications

As Yamanishi explains, “What matters is that over the years I’ve developed an appreciation for effective design, an eye for what works, and the creative spirit to make it happen.” Indeed she has, as her clients will attest. Kelly’s always had a great reputation as a word-smith and can lend an editor’s eye to ensure each message hits the mark with a satisfying zing.

Between the corporate world and the sign business, Kelly spent many challenging and satisfying years wrangling offspring, navigating the world of autism, and she is proud to have Scotty Adams on board as her Graphic Designer.

“Scotty was born an artist, and raised right here in San Jose, CA, which helps him to be truly in-touch with the local clientele”, Kelly tells us. Adams earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of California, San Francisco. Before coming to West Mountain Sign, Scotty created print art and in-store signage for retail stores he managed, as well as logo design, illustrations, skateboard decks, and great freelance photography for a variety of customers. He, along with Yamanishi, attended the two-week Formal Training Program conducted by Sign Biz, Inc. in Dana Point, CA. Sign Biz is the founder of the Sign Biz Network.

“Scotty is an aesthetic chameleon able to work with customers to develop designs that communicate visually in the customer’s voice. His background in retail gives him hands on experience in what produces results when it comes to signage and displays. Oh, and he’s wicked fast—on boards and in design apps,” Kelly adds.

2012_west-mountain-sign-storefront_725The business is backed by a worldwide organization, the Sign Biz Network, established by Sign Biz, Inc., headquartered in Dana Point, CA. This business development firm provides training, ongoing education, and national installation services for its members.

A bright future is already unfolding for West Mountain Sign: “The sunflowers that Scotty added to our windows drew a whole new flock of customers. We are busy!” says Kelly.

About West Mountain Sign

2012_west_mountain_sign_logoWest Mountain Sign is located at 3575 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite D-E, San Jose, CA 95117. “West Mountain Sign is your source in San Jose for sign designs that elevate your message above the rest. We combine top-notch design with flawless execution to craft a solution that fits your purpose. Whether simple or complex; fun, fabulous or festive; utilitarian or elegantly bespoke, we tailor a solution that fits your budget and schedule.”
Visit www.westmountainsign.com or contact Kelly Yamanishi or Scotty Adams at 408-564-6778.