Before all of the equipment gets delivered… before the site selection and lease negotiations… before we craft your logo or begin the intensive training program, we get rolling with the Plan. Our business model allows new business owners to offer services to the largest Fortune 500 company right on to the local mom and pop shop, and every business in between. It all starts with a solid foundation, and good financing. Here you will learn more about our business plan development service, and financing options available.

Business Plan & Financing Guidance

Loan Procurement Services are offered at no additional charge to each new entrepreneur in the Sign Biz Network, utilizing a proprietary business plan, the most comprehensive in the industry. The Sign Biz SBA plan and loan counselors achieve 99%+ approval! To date, more than $19,000,000 in SBA financing has been funded for new Sign Biz enterprises. It all starts from the day you turn your vision into a decision, and launch our services with a deposit and agreement.

In many cases, a simple 401K conversion program will enable new business owners to capitalize their investment and assure adequate working capital. We work closely with one of the country’s largest 401K conversion service providers, and we even credit you back $1000 (the commission they pay) to your package!

The Process & Investment

The Investment

Do you have $50K to invest plus home equity, or a 410K to put to good use? The Sign Biz business plan and finance counselors achieve 99%+ approval! To date, more than $19,000,000 in business financing has been funded for new Sign Biz enterprises. Simply call the number below for a free information package to learn more about this $153,000 sign business package, or take the next step and complete the simple two-page Qualification Report and fax or email back. We will have a conversation about the process and if this is a good fit for you, the information package will be on its way. Download the PDF to the right.

The Business Plan

Our proprietary business plan of more than 40 pages is provided on disk within the Welcome Kit after deposit. That plan, when completed, will contain 60 or more pages of precise market, business, and operations information, along with three years’ projections based on your situation. All of which leads to the financing approvals that make your vision a reality. The SBA requires that you have cash to invest in your business and prefers that you have also have collateral to secure the loan. Other financing arrangements are also recommended, depending on your own needs and financial position. For instance, a combination of equipment lease plus 401K conversion or a home equity line of credit can make the start-up process faster and easier.

NO Brokers! NO Royalties!

There are no broker fees as Sign Biz uses no brokers; the total investment of $153K is used for substantive product and services for each new Network Member. Some “business opportunities” are paying $30,000 of your investment to the broker who sells the deal. We believe that the best information comes from those who are deeply involved in the sign industry, and the best use of your money is for actual goods and services you need. In addition, there are no ongoing royalties, so each Network Member is able to capitalize their investment on average 4 times faster than in the franchise business model. And finally, the $1000, $2000, $3000 or more that is not paid out in monthly royalty payments can be channeled back into the business for marketing and expansion. Franchise failure rates are higher than you may have been told. See the SBA Loan Failure Rates by brand on this page, sort by name: Franchise Brand Failure Rates Published on