167 Lincoln Hill Rd , Vermont, USA, 05738
Owner(s): Todd and Dee Fillmore
Tel: 802-775-4575
Fax: (618) 242-9452

We began with the single goal of crafting distinctive, durable signs of the highest quality which our clients could afford. Since that time, we have employed many methods and materials, including traditional hand lettering on wooden signs, carving and gold leaf, and now CNC carved; all with the singular goal of designing and producing the highest quality signs we were capable of, and which would be a credit to the owners.

In the 30 years that have passed since we started making signs, we still work out of an old barn, but much has changed. The two modern materials we currently utilize the most are either high density urethane foam (primarily used for dimensional signs and carved graphics) or expanded PVC, a synthetic material which has quickly been adopted by the construction industry for exterior trim and siding. PVC offers a number of excellent characteristics for exterior signs. Founded in 1989 by the husband and wife team of Todd and Dee Fillmore.

What we do...
Graphic Design
Painted, Carved and Dimensional Signs
Monument Signs
Innovative Designs and Displays
LED Message Centers
Custom LED Lighting
Vehicle Lettering
CNC Machining and production services