(Lubbock, TX)– Toby Stephens hit the ground running with his new business, Elite Sign & Design, opened in Lubbock, Texas in January of 2010. He quickly moved up the ranks in the Sign Biz Network, achieving proficiency in dimensional signage and vehicle wraps. He shared his insights and actively engaged in the lively message group that connects all members of the Sign Biz network. Late on a Friday, May 6th of 2011, he sent a special message to all 200+ Sign Biz Members around the world:

With a Little Help From My Friends…

“Hello all. I want to tell each of about a great non-profit program called Wrap Buddies. 360 Wraps and Wrapbuddies.com of Dallas, TX is looking to add partner shops across the nation to provide free doc band wraps for children. I am proud to say that we are a partner shop and actually did one of these for a sweet baby girl here in Lubbock, TX. If you want to get involved, I tell you the feeling you get when you see the look on parents’ eyes when you’re done is fantastic!”

Wrap Buddies

Wrap buddies was started in June of 2009 by Tommy Strader, founder and President of 360 Wraps in Dallas, TX after he received a phone call from a father of a small infant asking if 360 Wraps could wrap a helmet for his little baby. When Tommy experienced the positive impact the wrapped helmet had on that one family, he realized that doing the baby helmet wraps for families for free was a way he and his team at 360 Wraps could make a difference and give back to the community. After a sizable donation was pledged to help fund the program, Wrap Buddies became an official non-profit 501(c)(3) using donations to expand the program reach into wrapping scoliosis braces and prosthetic limbs for children and to wrap medical devices at children’s hospitals.

Liam-small-wrap-buddiesSince then, the shop has wrapped more than 700 cranial bands, all donated, which are used to counteract moderate head deformities in young children. Most patients find them through online searches and word of mouth…until Toby Stephens came along.

The Sign Biz Network

Wrap Buddies in Dallas asked if Elite Signs could help spread the word to gain partner shops in all 50 states. “Naturally, I extended this invitation to the Sign Biz Network to help achieve this goal. They have partner shops in 20 states now and are hoping to be in all 50 soon. Sign Biz members can make this happen overnight.”

Sign Biz members can make this happen overnight.

Toby_with_wrap_buddy_CortThe helmets help reshape the skull which is not only a cosmetic concern, but also helps prevent other medical concerns. The helmets are very expensive and usually not covered by insurance. Wraps Buddies is a free service that brings much joy to the families of children with Plagiocephaly. “Over a year and a half ago, we were approached by Heather Keister and her daughter Georgia Kate. They were unable to attend a Wrap Buddies session in Dallas and asked if they had locations in Lubbock. Tommy asked them to find a shop in Lubbock and see about becoming a partner so that’s when Heather approached us. Being that I was familiar with wrap buddies, I agreed to participate, 100% free. From there, word spread and we’ve done dozens since. One family was a second cousin of my wife, Karin.”

In September of 2011, Stephens was invited to become an Advisory Board Member of the Sign Biz Network, representing the Southwest region. “Toby is a highly successful entrepreneur who enjoys inspiring others and truly believes that giving back is a key component to success,” says Teresa M. Young, President of Sign Biz, Inc. “These are qualities we find in all of our Advisory Board Members. His enthusiasm and ability to spread the word about Wrap Buddies has launched many Members of the Sign Biz Network into this rewarding project.”

About Elite Sign & Design
elite_logo-smallElite Sign & Design is a full-service media communications company based in Lubbock, TX, and specializes in vehicle wraps, digital prints, LCD media signage, and products to fulfill branding and promotional needs. We value an understanding of your marketing objectives, and how effective signage increases success. Our motto: Where there is a “Common Vision” there is a “Common Goal.” Contact Toby Stephens at (806) 368-3643 or visit www.EliteSignDesign.com