Orlando, FL — “AMAZING!” “The workshops were spot on!” “I wanted to say “THANK YOU” for a wonderful evening. I have been to 100’s of business functions and this was in the top 1%. The venue was terrific, the food was outstanding and I could not stop laughing. I had to leave early as I had a crack of dawn flight. I made it my mission to meet and speak to all of the Sign Biz members who attended and I believe I did this. I learned a lot and am grateful for the experience,” wrote Joe Tindall after the Reunion.

“Envision 2016” was everything it was built to be, and then some. Co-Hosted with the world’s largest sign trade show, the ISA Expo, hundreds of Sign Biz Members were able to experience a record-breaking event that transmitted an electric energy this year. ISA International Sign Expo 2016 closed with attendance topping 20,044 — making it the largest ISA Sign Expo in a decade and the largest ever in Orlando. The 200,000-square foot trade show floor sold out in February with nearly 600 exhibitors. Exhibitors and attendees alike noted the adrenaline-charged throngs that never abated. Long-time attendees found innovations and brand new Sign Biz Members were floored. “We really enjoyed everything and have tons of takeaways from the Expo and our time with the Sign Biz network,” affirms Montell Staples, a new Sign Biz Member from Indiana. “We look forward to attending many more Expos/Reunions in the future!”

First Time Attendees

During the invigorating opening address by Sign Biz President, Teresa M. Young, the newest Members of the Network in attendance were welcomed, including John and Vicky Denney and Alicia Haulk of Fine Signs and Graphics; Eric & Terry Larson who will be opening Essential Sign in Reno in July; Michael Martini of ImageLife; Dan & Laurie Peach of Precision Signs enjoying their first Reunion; Neil Sanghavi and Hector Rojas of Prelinx; Montell & Telisa Staples of the Sign Factory; Joe Tindall of GrandMark Signs, who will celebrate his Grand Opening on May 18th!

This was our first year and we already feel part of the family. Thank you so much Teresa for making us feel at home. The entire day was very educational for us & we really had a blast at the Gala 🙂
Neil Sanghavi

Teresa M. Young, Sign Biz President adds, “What a powerful Reunion, and a record-breaking Expo we were able to enjoy – from the Phantom Upgrade to the Farewell Tour for Jon Hoffman, it was non-stop, caffeinated energy, education and laughter. Now, we are inspired for progress! Watch for highlights, such as the amazing line-up of 9 Sales Consultants that won awards this year, and the many, many Milestone inductees as well!”

Pictured, Right: Linda Levitan and Mike Quigley, newly inducted into the $1.75M Milestone Club.

Another new owner said, “The Reunion was a BLAST!” The content, according to attendees, was high quality and “rocked!”

A senior Sign Biz Member who sits on the Sign Biz Advisory Board said, “I am so very grateful to be part of something as truly unique and special as the Sign Biz Network – this is such a powerful group of brilliant, tenacious, caring and talented people! There is no question that anyone who is exposed to the force we call the Network is fully impressed, a bit astounded, and truly delighted to be part of whatever conversation (or antics) are taking place. Even more good things are cooking because of this synergy!”

“One of the great take-aways from the Reunion and the ISA is that the creative side of the brain gets stirred up. The bad take-aways are the extra pounds that mysteriously attached themselves to us, it could not be from the food a beverage,” quipped Stefanie Dacy, co-owner of 3V Signs. Linh Ong, Pure Media Signs, added, “Huge thank you to you and your crew for another super Reunion. Ditto on what Stephanie said!”

And Doug Pierce, owner of Innovative Signs & Graphics, summed it up with some words of wisdom, “Amazing event! We always leave rejuvenated, refreshed and motivated to make the changes necessary to continue to improve. Thank you to the Sign Biz home office team for your tireless efforts to put on a first class event! Thank you to all the presenters who make the event happen and special thanks to all the many Sign Biz owners, designers, producers, installers and sales people who endured my unending probing questions – you are what makes this network work! It is the group’s willingness to share their life experiences that provides the value everyone seeks from the network. Keep on giving and if there is any way at all I can help someone, do not hesitate to let me know. We have now “envisioned” the future – it’s time to make those ideas happen! My advice, pick (1) thing you “envisioned” over the weekend and take at least (1) step in the direction of making it happen TODAY! Thanks to all for the fellowship, looking forward to continued improvement between now and April 21, 2017!”

Toby Stephens, owner of Elite Sign & Design who was inducted into the $750K Milestone Club on April 23rd, adds ``Your great Reunion results are truly noticed. We look forward to Vegas and bringing the whole crew.``
Toby Stephens
Elite Sign & Design