April 9-11, 2015 (Las Vegas, NV)– Sign Biz convention attendees gathered in April to exchange best practices and learn of latest innovations for sign industry professionals.In addition, a bumper crop of Milestone Inductees were honored. The Sign Biz Network has created more million-dollar performers than any other sign chain to date.

At the evening Gala and dinner party, five new members of the Half Million Dollar Milestone Award were inducted for annual sales achieved of $500K or greater for the first time. A $750,000 Milestone Club Member was also recognized, as well as a $3Million Milestone honouree. This year also featured the 19th Annual Sales Consultants of the Year Awards (see separate press release) and the Ace of Space Best in Show award for shop design (see separate press release).

The Awards Ceremony
After a hosted cocktail hour, guests were seated at banquet tables for a formal dinner, and treated to Hollywood-style gift bags with gems, vintage-inspired glass coasters, and more. During dinner, the program unfolded, including announcements of Milestones and Sales Consultant award winners. First up: We applaud the newest inductees to the CENTURY CLUB for a single month’s sales exceeding $100,000 for the first time! Jeff & Kim Thomas of Crossroad SIGN in Woodinville, WA, for sales of $121,046 in the month of February, 2015!

And congratulations to the Half-Million-Dollar Milestone Achievers: Lauran Wang of Mustang Signs for Annual Sales Exceeding $500,000 in the 12 Month Period ended 12/31/14! Pat and Stefanie Dacy of 3V Signs & Graphics for Annual Sales of $528,000 in the 12-Month Period ended 12/31/14! And Jim Bianco, Sign Pro, for sales of $535,000 in the 12-Month Period ended 3/31/15! Plus Kim & Rasmussen, It’s A Sign, Inc., for sales of $548,554 in 12 Month Period ended 12/31/14! Toby & Karin Stephens, Elite Sign & Design, sales of $610,000 for the 12 Month Period ended 12/31/14! And last but not least, Dave Forster, Malaya Signs, for sales of $640,000 in the 12 Month Period ended 12/31/14!!

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.
– David Allan Coe

And MORE congratulations for Jeff & Kim Thomas for sales of $767,654 for the 12-month period ended 4/31/15, they are $750K Milestone Club winners!!

We also applaud the newest Member of the $1.5 Million Dollar Club for annual sales of $1,602,384 for the 12 months ended 12/31/14– Yes, it’s Jon Hoffman of A2Z Sign Company, Upland, CA!! And now, last but far from least, the newest Members of the $3 Million Milestone Club for annual sales of $3,127,643 for the 12 months ended 12/31/14 we congratulate Peter & Carolyn Wolf & Ryan Meyer of Wolfpack Sign Group in Vista, CA!! WAY TO GROW!

“The culmination of a great education program is always a beautiful and inspiring awards program and dinner Gala. With the accolades comes heartfelt congratulations from everyone. The Milestone Awards are an extraordinarily powerful annual event to propel every business to new heights,” explains Teresa M. Young, CEO of Sign Biz, Inc.