Celebrating Another Year of Progress!

Notes from the President

Teresa M. Young

As we review the past year, I want to express my deep gratitude to Members and my team for your support these 33+ years. Join us as we celebrate another year of progress! Looking back at we have accomplished, here’s our Recap “By the Numbers!

Moved our private e-group in 2019 to a better service provider.

Messages posted just since October 2019: 54745!

Signhugger Email Campaign Service!

Signhugger articles written for those on the monthly service in 2023 alone: 96

Since the service began in January 2018, articles produced: 484

Space Planning & Logo Development Services

In 2023, produced many 3D space plans for new and existing shops! Plus, complete branding and logo development, thank you, Alicia Hanson!

Hiring Assistance and Tech Support

Took Members through the complete hiring system, to successfully yield  sales consultants and graphic designers. David McCutcheon was in demand for the guidance, tech services and training of personnel of many Member locations! Thank you, David!

LobbyPOP® in 2023:

Many systems deployed, touchscreens, kiosks, and now a day-parting option! Still no subscription fees! Thank you, Scott Mead!

Number of buyers looking for a Sign Biz Member on the Sign Biz Locator Service?

Over the past 12 months, your Biz-E-Sites have been searched 3,828 times! Project Managers love ya!

Six Months, 14 Workshops!

After six months of prep, we hosted an incredible AMPED convention in Las Vegas! We professionally structured 14 workshops from PowerPoint to Presenter for the event and produced seven workshops as educational videos now on the School of Sign Arts website! School of Sign Arts YouTube channel new video views in 2023: 1,606

As we celebrate the Sign Biz Network’s 33 years, I would like to thank all past and present Advisory Board members, Members and their teams, aka mentors, trainers, volunteers, and friends for supporting the Sign Biz mission to build entrepreneurship and the Network.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing trust and collaboration.