3M Graphics Authorized Training & Testing Provided in Five US Training Centers

Dana Point, CA, December 7, 2015: Sign Biz, Inc. today announced over 50 new Certified Installer Training classes for 2016. Answering multiple requests for additional high quality accessible training and testing programs throughout the US, 3M Graphics Market announces that five 3M Graphics Authorized Training & Testing Providers will offer special rates for 3M Advanced Installer Training to Sign Biz Members. This new training option brings valuable training and skill validation to five regions of the US: California, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas, and Florida.

The president of Sign Biz, Inc., Teresa M Young, explains,
“As anyone in the industry knows, there is abundant growth in graphics applications, and Sign Biz Network professionals are keeping pace with demand. This means equipping their businesses with the latest skills and certifications. 3M has long been an outstanding partner to our organization, and this is one more great benefit they bring to our relationship. All Members can appreciate the reduced rate and the accessibility of these hands-on classes.”

3M operates its own training facility in St. Paul, MN and has authorized specific independent training providers to train on 3M’s behalf and to 3M standards. These providers have an interest in conducting training to the most efficient number of students per class and an interest in optimizing attendance. Sign Biz Network Member Owners or employees are eligible to receive a 20% discount on training from participating 3M Advanced Installer Training Providers. Discounts apply to up to three days of training only. A further two days, available at regular rates, encompass the testing dates for certifications. Those two days are optional, for those who wish to receive branded accreditations, which are earned by passing a 3M Testing Program.

In addition to the discounted rate, 3M will waive the Advanced Installation Training Provider material fee (up to $50) for Members during testing. The program runs from January through December of 2016.

All training dates and details are included on the Sign Biz website: www.signbiz.com/events/ and found under the “Education” tab. 3M Advanced Installation Training Provider retains full scheduling control and may add or cancel classes at will. For questions, please contact Teresa M. Young at 800-633-5580.

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